Ladakh and Zanskar | Fall -2014 in Monochrome

“The Land of High Passes” or what we know as Ladakh, is one area that everyone wants to mark off their bucket-list. Be indian or international, the serenity of this cold desert has an energy that is second to none and can only be experienced by someone that visits. No matter who you are, in my opinion Ladakh will extend it’s grip over you, beckoning you to come back every time you are away.

Zanskar is Ladakh’s neighbouring valley. The valleys are separated by the Zanskar Range. The name comes from the tibetan word for copper, as this untouched valley has a high occurrence of copper.

Though I made this trip to the North in autumn, I decided to dedicate this album to my favourite Landscape photographer – Ansel Adams. A man that could show colour in this monochrome images of the American wilderness, Ansel Adams is someone any landscape photographer looks up to.

These photos are a tribute to his style.
The images are posted chronologically as per my trip.