Chandrataal- Lake of the Moon

I have waited almost 14 years of my life to capture the mystical views of this lake which is really close to my heart. Not merely because of the magical folklores of Fairies and my fascination for the Moon, but also because I have had a real tough time while reaching this place in the last few years. Yes, important to mention I always greeted by clouds and rain.

Well, this year the longing was finally over. The magnificent high-altitude wetlands is one of its kind at about 14000+ ft. The source of the moon lake is not visible as such, but it mostly derives its water from the grounds of The Samudra Tapu plateau on which it lays peacefully. Chandratal gives birth to the Chandra river which meanders its way to the Spiti valley.

Spent a few hours doing a half Parikrama around the beautiful corrie on the right side of the Chandratal which presented the most spectacular views of the mountains on the other side. The eternal joy of this quiet walk is something I will relish in the years to come. Sharing the magic!